When Mother Nature Hits, Siller Punches Back

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In December 2021, the town and area around Blytheville, AR was hit by a large tornado that took out a three-mile stretch of power lines. Due to the marshy terrain that surrounded buildings and other set structures, reconstruction of the large towers by normal ground means would have been impossible. This stretch of transmission line was / is a vital supply of power to the region, so would require being repaired in a finite amount of time.

In response to this problem, PAR Electrical Contractors contracted Siller Helicopters to help repair the damaged line, to bring power back to the 500 KV transmission station. Using the Skycrane anti-rotation system with a back seat pilot, Siller’s S-64E helicopter flew a total of thirty-seven pickups, to help reconstruct the seventeen damaged lattice-structured towers. With the precision and speed of the Skycrane, coupled with the experience of Siller’s pilots, the job was completed successfully in a 10-day span.

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