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Crafting Your Quote

Every job is a unique challenge. Siller quotes are custom-built based on each client’s specific operational demands. Our staff accounts for exact variables to give you the most accurate and detailed cost estimate possible, delivering a complete, tailored solution to your heavy lifting needs.


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Construction Sales and Operations

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Quote Components


Mobilizing and demobilizing our aircraft requires logistical precision. The cost is typically based on the job site’s distance from our headquarters in Yuba City, California. This includes flight hours to and from the job location, or direct shipping costs for overseas operations.


Siller strives to maximize operational efficiency. We estimate the length of time our aircraft will need to be onsite in order to complete the job. Each helicopter and crew has a specified daily rate that will be built into your quote.

Job Type

Depending on your individual needs and requirements, the pricing structure will be built around necessary flight hours to completion, or a per lift method called “cost per pick.”

Specialized Equipment

Our versatile aircraft can be outfitted with a wide range of specialized equipment, enabling Siller to accomplish the most challenging jobs. Our experts will analyze the job description to determine the specific equipment necessary to complete your goals.

Getting Started

The more details you give us, the more accurate your quote will be. Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Job site location (latitude and longitude coordinates preferred)
  • Job site description  (elevation, geographic features, etc.)
  • Anticipated work dates
  • Cargo description  (size, weight, shape, etc.)
  • Distance between pick-up and drop-off locations